In 1772, R` Schneur Zalman, the Baal HaTanya, told his followers that when Hashem gave the Jews the Torah, Hashem was making every yid His agent (Shliach) to do the Mitzvos and bring Moshiach.
As you`ll see in the video, knowing that you are an agent, or Shliach, from Hashem gives you extra energy to do all kinds of Mitzvos because as a Shliach you get superpowers directly from the One who sent you, Hashem. The Shliach song reminds us that every Yid is a Shliach and that our job is very important. So, sing along and remember that if we do our job B`Shem Hashem, we will bring Moshiach. It`s our hope that you enjoy the video and tell your friends that when you`re a Shliach, you can do amazing things you never imagined possible.