Lyrics based on The Regendered Bible By Yael Kanarek

Original music & vocals by Shlomit Levi
Musical Production by RebbeSoul

Music Video Clip by Question Everything Productions
Video director & videographer – Nitsan Tal
Video editor – Liki Tapuach
Dancer – Yael Levitin Saban
Art consultant – Hadar Sobol
Marketing Consultant – Yael Avissar
Michael Jacob
After Effects – Harshad kaura
Design consultant – Tal Gerlich

Special thanks to
.Tamir Kalisky, Brian Vinik, Eran Philips.

Bereshit (Genesis)

בראשית בראה אלוהין את השמיים ואת הארץ
In the beginning she created the heaven and the earth

And the earth was void and without form
and darkness was upon the world
והארץ הייתה תוהו ובוהו וחושך על פני תהום

And the spirit of Elohin hovered on the waters
on the waters

And then she said
“Let there be light!”
And there was light
And there was light
!ויהי אור

בראשית בראה אלוהין את השמיים