Amongst the protestors of the 2020 AIPAC Policy Conference, a group of neo-Nazis proudly disseminated vehement anti-Semitic messages aimed at spreading xenophobic hatred targeted at the Jewish People.

The following footage is difficult to watch, but we seek to engage with, and are now releasing the footage of, such interactions to educate the world on what kind of opinions and sentiments exist, all while empowering the next generation of Jews and allies with the tools and responses needed to intellectually, factually, and ideologically expose such arguments and hatred.

Deep resentment exists amongst the fringes of every polarized group, but the hatred and scapegoating of Jews is the common thread that is shared by them all. The far right sees the Jews as the evil controlling communists, while the far left sees the Jews as the immoral greedy capitalists, and the Jewish People yet again find themselves facing anti-Semitism, which is based on finding a population or community’s source of suffering and pain, and blaming that on the Jews.

Anti-Semitism and all forms of xenophobia will always exist, but it is the responsibility of Jews and their allies alive in each generation to make sure that it is also understood, exposed, and socially rejected by the masses. The same thing goes for every other form of hatred towards any minority group.

The Holocaust was the outcome of the successful spread of ideas similar to the individuals like the man in this video, but also due to the failures of not taking such ideas seriously and refusing to effectively respond before it was already too late. What starts as ideas brewing amongst the fringes, if avoided, will eventually multiply and impact pop-culture in ways only imaginable when learning history.

Am Israel says “never again” when remembering our fallen ancestors not because it can’t happen again, but because each generation utters those words as an eternal promise and commitment to make sure it never happens again.