Don`t throw away your shot to celebrate the miracles and the story of the (eight) nights!

We`re big “Hamilton” fans, and so are the President and First Lady. We had the honor of performing this for them at the White House and we`ll never forget their reaction.



I tell the tale of those before me
And of their victory in the fight
And now our children tell the story
They tell the story of the lights
We`ll add another one each night
Light a light to freedom, they tell the story of…

How does a humble ragtag band full of boys from yeshiva,
Rise up to triumph against unbelievable odds
In a battle our people still remember,
And celebrate with dreidels every year around December?

The five pious and loyal sons of Mattathias
Stood against bias, said, “You can’t deny us
You disagree? Try us! Our God will supply us
With strength to win, and then potato latkes we will fry us”

For every day, while praying was being barred and made harder
Our ways they tried to change, Antiochus sent his guard out
Inside, our boys knew not to forget what they were part of
Five brothers and their dad ready to win or die as martyrs

Then the Greeks came, and Hellenization reigned
Our people saw our future drip, dripping down the drain
They entered into the Temple, and the altar they profaned
Left a blood stain, our heroes got sick of the pain

Well, they spread word around, we said, “This is insane, man,
We Jews will not survive under Antiochus` reign, man
Let’s fight and send the Greeks right back from whence they came
And our bravery will win us fame, say your name, man!”

Judah, Judah Maccabee
They call me Judah, Judah Maccabee
And Antiochus says he’s number one
But just you wait, just you wait…

I am not throwing gelt in the pot (2x)
I`m straight gimmel-spinnin` while y`all are nun and shinnin`
And I`m not throwin` gelt in the pot
Make the menorah hot

See, it isn`t all about presents
Cause gratitude for miracles is Chanukah`s essence
The Maccabees revolted, thwarted Greek plans
Now a hora we dance, and we fry latkes in pans – we’re gonna make it hot

Yeah, we give thanks for being free
Because of the revolt led by Judah Maccabee
They defied, do or die, you and I feel great
And celebrate, as the lights we illuminate

And I am not throwing gelt in the pot…

Nes gadol
Haya po (if you`re in Israel)
Haya sham (if you`re anywhere)

Light up, candles in the Chanukiah
Light up, we remember Maccabees when we
Light up, light up

And I am not throwing gelt in the pot…

Ma`oz Tzur Yeshu`ati (3x)
Lekha na`eh leshabe`ah

Happy, happy Chanukah
Judah Maccabee, we sing of you
And the odds you overcame
When we`re playing our dreidel game
Each night, we light those candles` flames

For the victories and miracles we celebrate…
What ya say, boys?
Happy, happy Chanukah!