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SHABBAT SHALOM! For centuries, Jews around the world have kept Shabbat week after week. And we can’t wait to celebrate with you! Six13 has teamed up with the Shabbos Project — a global, grassroots initative to unite Jews across the world around that shared heritage — to bring you our latest single, “That Shabbos Feeling!”, based on Justin Timberlake’s hit song that shares a similar positive energy. And if you’re in Boston, San Diego or Leeds next weekend, you’ll find the guys from Six13 performing the new song at a Shabbos Project event near you. See for details. For more information about The Shabbos Project: Check out this and other Six13 songs on iTunes: Don’t forget to post and share on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the link: This song and all Six13 songs are completely a cappella — created with nothing but the human voice. Anchored by a strong Jewish identity and driven by a mission to connect Jews around the globe with their heritage through music, professional Jewish a cappella group Six13 are the originators of today’s Jewish a cappella sound. They’ve performed to rave reviews for millions of people — at synagogues, religious schools, major sports events, JCCs, fundraising events, B’nai Mitzvah and private affairs alike — received numerous awards for their five best-selling CDs, garnered over five million views on YouTube, and been selected as finalists for casting in NBC’s “The Sing-Off”. To find out more about how to bring Six13 to your community for an event that’s truly unforgettable, visit PRESS CONTACT: Michael Boxer (866) 266-5613 =========================== Credits: Based on “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”, originally recorded by Justin Timberlake Music and original lyrics by Justin Timberlake, Max Martin and Shellback Adapted lyrics written by Jacob “Spike” Kraus and Mike Boxer Additional lyrics by Mordy Weinstein and Spencer Garfield Arranged by Mike Boxer Lead vocals performed by Jacob Spadaro, Mordy Weinstein, Mike Boxer, Craig Resmovits, Rob Operman and Eric Dinowitz Recorded by Mordy Weinstein, Jacob Spadaro and Mike Boxer Edited by Alex Green Mixed by Ed Boyer Mastered by Dave Sperandio Produced by Mike Boxer for Six13 Video shot and directed by Six13 Edited and produced by Jeremy Horowitz, Topshelf Productions Additional production by Mike Boxer Additional filming by Eric Dinowitz Footage courtesy of The Shabbos Project Special thanks to: our loving families, all the incredible audio and video production staff mentioned above, our alumni, The Shabbos Project, Phil Kaplan, Jacob Kraus, Josh Sauer, Dan Singer, Alan Zeitlin, Ruby and Max Boxer and staff, Jesse and Alex Dinowitz and staff, Tanya Greenberg, Justin Timberlake, Otis Axelrud-Horowitz, Wesley Spadaro, The Levinson and Freeman families, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, and Yossi Zweig. Six13 is: Mike Boxer | Eric Dinowitz | Robert Operman Craig Resmovits | Jacob Spadaro | Mordy Weinstein (c) 2016 Six13 =========================== Lyrics: That Shabbos feeling, it’s all my own I feel so hectic ’til I say “Shabbat Shalom” In any city, I’ll feel at home Right from the start to the last birkat hamazon (Grace after the meal) I got that pride in my religion, got my friends and family Got that challah (bread) in the oven, it’s so hot We keep these same traditions, after so many centuries That’s the way we Jews’ll rock it on Shabbat PRE-CHORUS: It’s Friday night, we’ll say the brachot (blessings) A cup of wine and a pair of neirot (candles) Loved ones are here and we’re pulling ’em close Around the table CHORUS: Light the candles and bring in Shabbat with both hands, hands, hands Saying “Good Shabbos” now, our joy is enhanced, -hanced, -hanced Take the load right off your shoulders, this is your chance, chance, chance And everybody’s free from worries and plans, yeah That Shabbos feeling! So just dance, dance, dance Oo, our weekly neis gadol (great miracle) Took G-d six days to make this beautiful world whole Then on the seventh, G-d slowed His roll And that’s why we take one day to refresh our souls I got that rest and relaxation, from my head down to my feet I smell that hot delicious cookin’, when we nosh, ooh I can’t wait for Shabbos music, singing so harmoniously Shul’s (synagogue’s) on lock the way we daven (pray), on Shabbat It’s Friday night, we’ll say the brachot (blessings) A cup of wine and a pair of neirot (candles) Loved ones are here and we’re pulling ’em close Around the table (PRE-CHORUS) (CHORUS) Good Shabbos… (CHORUS) Shabbat Shalom to everybody