When David dies, Solomon is still a young boy- around 12 or 13 years old. Yet, Solomon is incredibly gifted- the wisest man in the world and a sound ruler. He immediately sets to build the Temple on the the holiest ground, mount Moriah. This is the place where Abraham sacrificed Isaac.

He brought materials and labour from outside land like Lebanon and sent a force of 30,000 Jews to bring back more materials. The Jewish people reach a great spiritual height at the building of the Temple, while King Solomon offers his deepest prayers and appreciation.

This bliss does not last, as Solomon misuses some of his power. Jeroboam, a captain in the army, revolts and causes a split in the nation. When Solomon dies, his son Rehoboam succeeds and takes the area of the two southern tribes and Jerusalem, while Jeroboam declares himself King takes the northern areas. This split leads to civil war and all sorts of spiritual, moral, and physical decline.

There are great prophets during the First Temple- people like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, Amos, Hosaiah. These great prophets remain till today the guidepost for Jewish and civilized living. They tried to sway the people to fix their wrongdoing, but are ultimately unsuccessful. Eventually, the prophets forcast that the Temple cannot stand under such conditions- the Jewish people in effect destroy their own Temple due to their sins and weaknesses.