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Lyrics – Adele
Vocals and Violin – Ariella Zeitlin
Other instruments, Arrangement, Production – Alon Kaplan
Filming – David Kaplan
Video Editing – Ariella Zeitlin

First of all, I want to give a HUGE thank you to David Kaplan, who not only graciously allowed me to use the footage from the better outtro, but also allowed us to drag him along on our childish adventures, not entirely sure what we were thinking about (not that we really knew ourselves!!!), lending his positive energy and his excellent camera for this shoot. Thank you!!!

Ok, so what was going through our heads when we decided to write this fun any totally different cover of someone like you by adele? We thought like this-we live in 2016 now, and when someone says “I’m over you”- they (usually) actually mean it. So all that nostalgic stuff? That’s for another time-no time to get gripin, y’all. Yes, never mind! Yes, I’ll find someone like you! Yes, you’re married now-good for you! I’m flippin ADELE. I’m still waiting for her to write a kickass anthem where the lyrics basically say “I am Adele, I am Adele, so what if you’re married to someone else- I’m Adele!”, she won’t though, I’m sure- n
In any case, we thought we’d both bring our positive energy and our confident-in-you-and-your-incredibly-awesome-future attitudes to the big screen, and we hope you like it!

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PS if you want a tutorial/fingering chart, ask. It’s an old song, so I’m not sure how many people are still wanting to learn it. 5 requests and I’ll do it 🙂

Israeli Violinist Ariella Zeitlin Hoffman

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