We all get so much chizuk and strength when we see the Jewish Army going to battle with the name of Hashem on their lips. The videos of Chayalim singing and dancing with the confidence in Hashem gives us all the faith needed to increase our simcha during trying times.

As we are all soldiers in Hashem’s army, be it on the battle field in Eretz Yisroel, learning in the Bais medrash, davening ,or doing Mitzvos, we are all fighting the battles so let us take chizuk and continue the fight against the darkness that surrounds us until we are victorious with the coming of Moshiach

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Songs of soldiers – שירי החיילים
DJ Farbreng
Feat. Meir Green – מאיר גרין

Produced Arranged and Mixed by Izzy Drihem
Performed by Meir Green
Vocals recorded by Yehuda Pinsker at Farbrengable Studios

Cover TYH Nation
Video by ​⁠@flashofdesign