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Ariella Zeitlin was born in Baltimore, MD and started violin when she was 7. Her grandfather was the world renowned violinist, Zvi Zeitlin, who helped her to become a great classical performer and heavily influenced all her music throughout her life. She was a student at the Peabody Conservatory throughout her child, and started off jamming in the family band as a kid and developed a great ear for different sounds..

Ariella grew up in a hippy ultra-orthodox family, with parents heavily influenced by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and worked hard to balance her classical career with her faith.

Around the age of 14, she began to see that the balance between her dream of being a classical violinist (having already performed solo recitals, won several local competitions, and was concertmaster of the Maryland State youth symphony) and being an orthodox Jew were in competition, and she ceased being religious.

At the age of 17, she moved on her own to Israel to connect with her roots, cutting herself financially from her parents. She spent the next few years at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, paying her way through school with a clever combination of smarts, scholarships, gigs, and anything else that came up. She studied under the esteemed Professor, Michael Gaisler, who led her through a BA and MA and who she credits for much of her professional violin understanding and experience. Over the course of her studies, I was awarded many awards, scholarships, and played for many of the most famous names in violining. I also went to the Music Academy of the West in Montecito, California, and attended the Perlman Music Program.

Her videos on facebook have tens of thousands of views, and as a result of her being on “The Voice Israel”, she has become an icon of experimenting with singing, looping and playing in her music, and she travels the word sharing her music.

אריאלה צייטלין היא כנרת בינלאומית שנוסעת לכל העולם להופיעה. היא הכנרת הכי זוהרת בשוק הישראלי, ומביאה הגוון קול המיוחד שלה לכל הופעה וביצוע שהיא משתתפת בו