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On today’s episode, Ari spoke with the greatest character actor in the history of Hollywood, the legendary Stephen Tobolowsky, about his lifelong journey to understand the Hebrew Bible.

Along the way they talked about growing up around members of the Nazi Party; Stephen’s love of Shakespeare; being comfortable with weirdness; Stephen getting held at gunpoint during a hostage situation; Deuteronomy and the Shema prayer; thinking about death; why Ned Ryerson is the most Jewish character in the history of American film; and much more!

Good Faith Effort is a production of Bnai Zion and SoulShop

Guest Quote
“There is such a positiveness in Judaism, that when you become a part of it, you realize how absolutely life-affirming it is. Even in death, it gets you through all the terrible transitions: from Genesis to Exodus, Leviticus to Numbers to Deuteronomy. It can get you through every one of those walls, every one of those challenges.“ – Stephen Tobolowsky

Time Stamps

* (5:06) Jordan Calhoun’s “Piccolo is Black”, and growing up without a Jewish Community

* (11:23) Stephen opens the Pandora’s Box of rediscovering Judaism

* (22:45) The 5 Books of Moses, as a story of life 

* (24:28) Californication, and Stephen’s decision to write a spiritual memoir

* (30:57) Magic exists, and Stephen’s tale of finding God while being held hostage at the grocery store

* (40:33) Visiting the Bible throughout your life

* (44:44) Importance of saying the Shema

* (54:55) Is Ned Ryerson the most Jewish movie character?

Good Faith Effort is a production of SoulShop, Bnai Zion, and Caspian Studios


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