One of the oldest dynasties in the history of the Chassidic movement, was also one of the pioneers to strike roots on American shores. Karlin-Stolin – which also had one of the oldest Chassidic communities in the Land of Israel – was a unique group back in Europe as well.

One of the sons of Rav Yisroel Perlow (1869-1921), (the “Yenuka” of Stolin), Rav Yaakov Chaim (c. 1897-1946) answered the call of the Karlin Chassidim in the United States and immigrated in 1924. A fatherly figure, he died childless while visiting his followers in Detroit. He was soon followed by his only surviving brother Rav Yochanan (1900-1955), who arrived in 1947. Between the two of them, the foundations of the rebuilding of Karlin-Stolin were laid in the new world.

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