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There is no greater honor than using our talents and gifts to inspire a change. When Chesed 24/7 approached me to join their mission and spread such a powerful message, I was moved and touched by the work that they do and the unity that they spread. It’s this message of how we are truly “stronger all as one”, that has always been the essence of our community, but after the year that we have faced, we now realize this – more than ever.

As the jewish nation, we are one. It never ceases to amaze me how we are a family, and are always there for eachother in times of need, no matter what the circumstance is. This year specifically, we have really seen firsthand how our lives are so dependant on eachother, how we are reliant on our unity as the jewish people, and how lucky we are to belong to a nation that gives endlessly.

I hope that this music video gives you a glimpse of the incredible work that Chesed 24/7 does, and that this message resonates with you. There is such a strong power of the unity that we will always feel towards eachother, and it’s up to us to see and realize that we truly are stronger all as one.