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University students Madeline and Benjamin bring all their biggest questions on Judaism to the table, ranging from topics like Messiah and sin to feminism and family.
@manisfriedman, the most popular Rabbi on YouTube, offers answers and insights you didn’t see coming.

0:00 Intro
0:50 Levels of sins
2:15 Kids
2:36 Abortions
4:23 Messiah
5:21 Who is Messiah
5:56 How to bring Messiah
6:53 Hell
9:30 Reincarnation
10:35 Types of reincarnation
12:00 Demons
13:58 Unintentional VS intentional sin
21:16 Knowing your soulmate
23:30 Gender roles
27:37 Jewish view on contraception
29:47 Polygamy
31:34 How to choose a rabbi
32:50 Female rabbis
34:48 Women & Torah study
36:45 Female rabbis/Rabbis Role
39:44 What is a Rabbi?
41:00 Chabad and the Rebbe
43:00 Messiah

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