Sukkot On The French Riviera

🌟 Celebrate Sukkot in Style on the Beautiful French Riviera! 🌟

Get ready for a Sukkot experience like no other! Join us for a luxurious Sukkot Vacation on the breathtaking French Riviera with Villas Raphaël.

Luxury Self-Catered Kosher Villa Rentals On The French Riviera with Villas Raphaël Experience the Luxury of Kosher Living with Optional Full Catering

Four distinct private villas on the French Riviera, each accommodating up to 16 guests.

🏖️ Destination: French Riviera, France
🍽️ Kosher Delights: Savor delectable kosher cuisine in a stunning Mediterranean setting

Why Choose the French Riviera for Sukkot?
🏝️ Exquisite Coastlines: Enjoy the beauty of the French Riviera’s pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.
🏰 Cultural Gems: Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistry of this world-renowned region.
🌅 Picturesque Landscapes: Capture the essence of the Mediterranean with lush gardens and scenic vistas.

What’s Included in Your Sukkot Vacation Package?

Luxurious Accommodations
Daily Minyan Services
Engaging Lectures and Shiurim
Exciting Tours and Activities
Memorable Group Celebrations
Exquisite Kosher Dining
And much more!

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