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When a family has a sick child or when a parent is ill, it takes a tremendous toll on the entire family. That’s where Tantzers steps in.

Through our range of services, Tantzers strives to bring joy to Cholei Yisroel and their families. Tantzer’s Family Center gives children with a sick family member a second home where they can enjoy weekly programs, games, and arts and crafts in a warm and welcoming environment.

But the organization’s commitment does not end there. Tantzers goes above and beyond by organizing exciting outings for boys and girls, enabling them to explore the world outside of their daily struggles. Whether it’s annual trips to breathtaking locations or monthly visits to ice cream parlors, arcades, and swimming venues, Tantzers strives to create joyful experiences and everlasting memories.

Throughout the year, Tantzers hosts various events such as celebrations for Purim and Chanukah, Parents’ Night Out, Mother’s Night Out, Boys Shabbaton, and Girls Shabbaton. These special occasions leave a lasting impact and provide moments of celebration and happiness for Cholei Yisroel and their families.

On a weekly basis, Tantzers organizes cozy events filled with music, delectable food, captivating shows, and thoughtful gifts. These gatherings offer families the opportunity to momentarily escape their hardships and bask in uplifting moments, while being embraced by a caring and supportive community.

Moreover, Tantzers extends its reach by making home and hospital visits to individuals in need of comfort and cheer. These visits not only provide nourishment, but also offer doses of music, magic, and more, with the intention of uplifting spirits and providing a comforting presence during challenging times.

As Tantzers prepares for its inaugural crowdfunding campaign, they are relying on your support. The global community is rallying behind Tantzers, recognizing the tremendous impact they have and the difference they make to patients and their families.

With your help, Tantzers will continue making a profound impact on Cholei Yisroel and creating moments of happiness powerful enough to change the world.
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