It’s not easy to be a teacher under the best of circumstances. But in 2020, teaching is more challenging than ever.

Let’s face it. Teachers have had a pretty rough time during this pandemic. They’ve had to learn how to teach on Zoom, trying to impart important knowledge to students – who are blissfully watching TV, playing video games, or sleeping during class. Worse yet, many students turn off their video, so teachers have no idea if students are even on the other end of the screen.

In an adorable new video parody, three Israeli teachers long for a return to “normal” school days…in which teachers and students wake up, get dressed, travel to school, and sit in a classroom face to face. WITHOUT masks.

Some highlights of the song:

  • We wake up every morning and send the Zoom link to students.
  • Kids learn from bed.
  • I had bad Wi-Fi and didn’t realize that for 10 minutes, my face was frozen on the screen “like a carp”.
  • I’m going blind from watching the screen.
  • I’ve lost the ability to talk to people.
  • We look forward to:
    – Getting up in the morning and going to work
    – Proctoring an exam
    – Writing on a white board
    – Eating during recess
    – No “capsulot”
    – No health screenings
    – Hugging people

The song is set to the tune of “אולי עוד קיץ” / “Oolai Od Kayitz” (Maybe Another Summer), written by Kobi Oshrat and originally performed by Chalv U’dvash.

Co-creator Doron Ben-Ami writes on Facebook:

So just before (maybe) we go back to school, and two moments before we (for sure) shut down again – check out this clip I created together with my two friends for the teachers composition of Katznelson High School, which provides a small taste of the reality of the lives of teachers during the hybrid learning.

🙏 A huge thank you to Yehuda David for his unending photography, editing and patience.
🙏 Thanks to Zohar Zaltz the magician, for the recordings, studio photos, edits and mixes.
🙏 And thank you, Maya Shilon and Barak Gonen, for our sparkle. May it never end.

Dedicated with love to all teachers and students wherever they are, hopefully maybe in the summer we will meet 😁

If you watched, laughed (or cried) and saw fit -You are welcome to share, for the benefit of future generations 😉