“Uteshuva Utefila Utzedaka” Lipa Schmeltzer (Cover by Sruly Green & Melech Frank)

As the Yumim Noiruim approach us, it is only appropriate to mention what our Rebbes have taught us, that, Teshiva Tefila and Tzedaka can only be achieved thru true Simcha.

Therefore it is perfect timing for a colab between the two great singers Sruly Green and Melech Frank, two very close friends, who get together weekly, (almost daily:) with friends to Kumzits, sing and dance.

Sruly & Melech decided to take the Kumzitz energy and spice it up with an “Elul Simcha” and share it with the world.

Therefore the best way bringing this out, would be with a beautiful Yiddish oldie by Lipa Schmeltzer.

Together Sruly & Melech approached Lipa Schmeltzer who gave them his blessing and permission to cover his famous song “Uteshuva Utefila Utzedaka”, song #10 from his album “Letova”.

Song Credits:

Produced by
@SrulyGreen & @Frank_Melech

Written & originally performed by @Lipa_Schmeltzer
Music production by: @SrulyBroncher
Vocals recorded by: Moshy Kraus @mkstudios_

Video credits:
Film Producer: Chaim Moskowitz @BenHesh_Studios
Filming location @Edgware Studios by @GershySchwarcz
This song copyright ©️ reserved by Lipa Schmeltzer
Sound Recoring copyright is reserved by Sruly Green & Melech Frank ©️ 2020

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