Tfillah With Kippalive | תפילה עם כיפה-לייב
Ein Aroch Lecha | אין ערוך לך

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Introduction: Rabbi Dani Schreiber
Text: Shabbat Shacharit
Composed by: בני הרשקוביץ ז”ל

Production: Rafi & Maggie Sandler
Arrangement & Musical Production: @יונתן שטרן Yonatan Stern
Videography: Netanel Fish🐠
Location: Shivtei Yisrael, Ra’anana


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Translation: There is no measure to you, God our Lord, in this world, and none beside you, our King, for life in the world to come. It’s impossible without you, our redeemer, for the days of the Mashiach, and none compare to you, our savior, at the resurrection of the dead.

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