Tfillah With Kippalive | תפילה עם כיפה-לייב
אוחילה | Ochila

Introduction: Tanya White
Text: Mussaf of High Holy Days
Composed by: R’ Hillel Palay

Production: Rafi & Maggie Sandler
Musical Production: @יונתן שטרן Yonatan Stern
Videography: Ariel Kreiderman
Location: Heichal Benyamin, Ra’anana

The Dvar Torah and clip were sponsored in memory of Ian Shapiro z”l by his family & friends.
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🎵 I will hope in God; I will entreat his presence; and beseech him to grant me eloquence of language, that in the congregation of the people, I may sing of His mighty power, and in joyful strains, rehearse, his wonderful works. The dispositions of the heart are of man, but the utterance of speech is from the Lord. O Lord! open thou my lips, that my mouth may declare your praise. 🎵

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