Top Ten Weird Hasidic Foods:
1) 1:10 – Kuchinya [Hungarian] / Fargliverte Fish Zaft [Yiddish] / Fish Jelly
2) 1:50 – Grieven / Chicken Scraps
3) 2:38 – Yapchik / Overnight Potato Kugel with Meat
4) 3:05 Galareta or P’tcha / Calves Foot Jelly
5) 4:10 Shmaltz Herring with Kichel
6 & 7) 6:23 Chollent and Kishka / Everything Bean Stew and Stuffed Intestines
8) 7:31 Browne Eyer / Overnight Hardboiled Chollent Eggs
9) 8:10 Falche Fish / Fake Fish, Imitation Fish made of Chicken
10) 9:00 Shmata Cake / Rag Cake

Join me for a little adventure through Hasidic Williamsburg as I go looking for the most exotic foods available in this Jewish neighborhood. I try fargliverta fish zaft, yapchik, galareta, kishka, herring and even a cake that in English translates to: “rag cake”. It’s an unusual food tour on the hunt for the food that will most challenge the faint of heart!

Please leave comments with your thoughts, your suggestions for foods to try and insights into any of the foods I tried.

Thanks for watching!

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