Episode 1: Abu Yussef is no longer able to make a living from the camel herd that has accompanied his family for 200 years. Between tea and coffee he dreams of a professional conversion that will allow him to stay deep in the desert.

Episode 2: The nights in Ariela’s studio in Tekoa no longer provide her with the dose of quiet she needs. She rents a plot of land outside the settlement and with a pickaxe and hoe closes a chapter in her real-life project – writing letters to heaven.

Episode 3: Moishe is a musician and therapist who made aliyah from Australia. After five years in the country, he decided to get off the bourgeois route, get in a jeep and embark on unconventional journeys in the desert.

Episode 4: Yossi and his partners sold all their property and established an oasis in the mountains overlooking the Dead Sea. Now they hope the khan will remind its guests that they too are allowed to dream.