The children of Israel are calling the world: Stand by me. Stand with us. Stand with Israel. Bring our kidnapped babies and kids back home!

People who volunteered and took part in this important project:
Music producer: Roi Cohen
Cinematography: Adam Nahmod and Matan Shavit
Video editing: Yeela Taragano
Producer Assistant: Avital Fighel
Recorded by Kobi Farhi and Guy Sages at Mitzlol Recording Studios
Mixed by Ofer Froind
Creator and Producer: Ifat Orgad
Special thanks to:
Dana Lugasy
Itamar Orgad
Itay Taragano
Hadas Galsky
Gali Braun
Gil Friedman
Guy Horowitz
Shani Orgad
Tomer Atal
Amir Tausinger
Tel Aviv University
And of course to all kids who participated
For more details please contact:
Ifat Orgad 
Dana Lugassy