Footsteps from King David’s Palace Excavation, along the slope of the City of David hilltop, lies the remnants of a neighborhood. Buried under layers of ash and rubble, fire marks and piles of pottery, First Temple period Jerusalem’s most astounding artifacts remained frozen in time for over 2,600 years. The discoveries unearthed – clay seals with the names of Biblical figures, arrowheads from the battle over Jerusalem and even an ancient toilet – offer us more than just a view into the royal neighborhood of Biblical-era Jerusalem. It is a snapshot of history from the establishment of David’s Kingdom, and the political sagas and betrayals of the Royal Government, to the series of events and battles that led to Jerusalem’s destruction in 586 BCE. In those final moments, the city and this neighborhood were destroyed, and remained buried deep beneath the ground for centuries. Today we have returned to reveal and rebuild the Ancient City of David – the place where Jerusalem began.

Picture Credit: Koby Harati, City of David Archives.
Video Credit: Amit Ben-Atar, City of David Archives.