Prepare yourself – it’s the story of Goliath and David told by comedian Steve Benaquist after one too many drinks🍸. If your hebrew school had a happy hour, the story of Goliath vs David might have looked like this!
Listen to the story like you’ve never heard it before, starring King Saul of Israel, the violent Philistines, the Israelites and of course King David and Goliath. It’s filled with answers to questions you never knew to ask – like what’s the height of Goliath (tall!), what did King David look like (redhead – with soul) and how did the underdog win (it took stones).
Throw in mighty giants, scrawny Jews (insert Woody Allen reference), some kick-butt fighting moves and a showdown that’s the stuff of legend (literally – also a staple children’s story), and we’re clearly making comedian history. It’s the David and Goliath story told Hebrew School Happy Hour style.
Grab a drink (only if you’re 21!) and let’s have some holiday fun!
Source: 1 Samuel 16-17
Music and Sound Design: Mitch Clyman/Muso Productions Ltd.
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