A documentary series that tells the story of Israeli diplomats, from the beginning of the state to the present day.

Episode 1: Israeli diplomacy was born while mobilizing international support for the UN’s partition decision. Since then, Israeli diplomats have dealt with the issue of refugees, retaliatory actions and gaining the support of the powers. The Six Day War was preceded by a diplomatic effort that delayed the opening blow of the IDF, in order to mobilize Worldwide support.

Episode 2: After the Six Day War, Israeli diplomats struggle to tone down Resolution 242, so that it leaves the scope of the withdrawal from the territories to future peace negotiations. A space for action that results in the war being decided in its favor. In the negotiations with Egypt, Israeli diplomacy strives for a historic peace agreement.

Episode 3: The “Peace of the Galilee” operation leads to a peace agreement with Lebanon, but it was shelved. Prime Minister Shamir rejects the “London Agreement”, which Foreign Minister Peres formulated without his knowledge with King Hussein, but participates in the Madrid Conference. Under Prime Minister Rabin, the Oslo Accords are signed with the Palestinians as well as a peace agreement with Jordan. The diplomatic efforts with the Palestinians continue at the same time as the right-wing protests against the agreements and alongside a wave of terrorist attacks throughout the country. On November 4, 1995, Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, was assassinated.