The name “Sigd” means “prostration” in Ge’ez, an ancient Ethiopian liturgical language, but it is related to the word sgid (same meaning) in Aramaic, one of the languages of the Talmud.🔯

Sigd is about accepting the Torah and yearning for Israel and the Temple. And it is now a state holiday in Israel!🇮🇱

Listen to the emotional story of how Iyov Goshen made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem from Ethiopia on foot!! The Ethiopian community turned that yearning into a reality! 👣

This incredible modern-day miracle is absolutely inspirational.🔥

Adana remembers Sigd from his childhood in Ethiopia, climbing the highest mountain nearby and facing Jerusalem. Today, he observes Sigd in the Jerusalem he dreamed about. Pnina never felt connected to Sigd growing up, but a pivotal moment brought her to advocate making Sigd an official part of the Israeli calendar.