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Everyone in Israel is talking about this award-winning new drama series of forbidden love in a tight-knit Hasidic community in Tiberias. Produced by Rama Burshtein, the critically acclaimed New York-born Israeli filmmaker of “Fill The Void,” the series follows 18-year-old Faigie, a troubled young woman from a broken home, as her life is changed forever after a chance encounter with Natan, the son of the community rebbe.

Episode 1:
Faigie, an 18-year-old Haredi woman, is in great distress. Natan, the Rebbe’s son takes her under his wing and promises to teach her to choose the right path in life. After the death of the his father, the Rebbe, Natan will have to decide who will inherit the chair.

Episode 2:
Giti goes on a hunger strike until her husband Yitzhak gives her a divorce. Faigie does quite a few things to solve the problem and enlists the help of Natan. Everyone pressures Natan to decide who will be the next Rebbe of the community.

Stay tuned for new episodes…