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It is well known that most Hasidim in Williamsburg do not go to college, and get very little secular education. How then, do they earn a living?

A large part of the answer is, that many Hasidim are successful entrepreneurs.

This video is a small part of the story of the Hasidic economy, but it is a great one. It is the story of the mom-n-pop shop culture at the heart of the neighborhood.

How can a community retain a mom-n-pop shop culture in a globalized age?

Let me take you through the streets and show you how. You’ll learn that there are many specific religious needs that drive unique economic needs, and you’ll get a sense of how the two come together to coalesce into a very unique economy. Not only are the businesses local, but the items sold are mostly manufactured by Hasidic companies.

We’ll visit many shops, including kosher eateries, clothing, toys, tech, and more.

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Filmed and edited by Beka Namicheishvili /