Meet Hezbollah, Iran’s most well-funded proxy group. Hezbollah, the terrorist group that controls southern Lebanon, has been attacking civilians around the world since 1982—on direct orders from, and with funding from, the Iranian regime. Iran supported Hezbollah closely from its foundation, through the second Lebanon War with Israel in 2006, and has been helping Hezbollah regain their strength ever since.

When Hamas dragged Israel into war on October 7, 2023, Hezbollah began attacking Israel too, requiring 61,000 Israeli civilians to evacuate their homes. In the last four months, Hezbollah has fired over 2,000 rockets, mortars, UAVs and anti-tank missiles at northern Israel.

Today, thanks to decades of Iranian training, arms, support and billions of dollars, Hezbollah is the most highly-armed and dangerous non-state actor in the world.

Iran’s Axis of Terror: Episode 2
Episode 1:


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