In 2014, Iran took the opportunity to entrench itself in yet another unstable country in the Middle East, Yemen. Meet the Houthis, one of the rebel groups fighting in Yemen’s civil war, and a terrorist organization wreaking havoc on global shipping in the Red Sea. Since then Iran has been providing the Houthis with weapons, money, and training. Last year, after the October 7 massacre, the Houthis rallied behind Hamas — a fellow Iranian proxy — and took the excuse to get involved in destabilizing the West. Since October, the Houthis have attacked over 40 international ships sailing through the Red Sea, and have launched ballistic missiles at Israel from over 1,000 miles away. The Houthis’ recent actions, which were met with military responses from the U.S.-led coalition, have proven the group to be a useful proxy for the Iranian regime in the region.

Iran’s Axis of Terror: Episode 3
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