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The “Namer” which is also called Leopard, is a heavily armored infantry fighting vehicle that has an advanced system that protects the vehicle and soldiers inside. It includes the famed missile defense Trophy system capable of intercepting anti-tank rockets. Within the APC are three important soldiers, the commander, the driver, and the arms operator. Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as UAV and drones, which operate on land and sea, have become an indispensable tool to control the enemy’s activities. Their main advantage is that they allow to see without being seen. These robots are controlled remotely by soldiers from a safe place. The “Eitan,” for example, has a wingspan of 85 feet, similar to that of the Boeing 737 aircraft. This drone is capable of carrying out long-range missions and has a 36 hour life in the air without interruption. The “Eitan” can withstand all weather conditions, it’s equipped with an automatic defrosting system, a take off and landing system, and can be integrated with many sensors.