Why did I end this series about the Ten Commandments with the first Commandment, “I am the Lord Your God?” The term “God” carries with it millennia of baggage, making it hard to talk about. God is an innately personal experience, and in this episode I share how I experience God in my day-to-day life. As this series comes to an end, I challenge all of you to find a small way to incorporate one of the ideas shared about the Ten Commandments into your everyday life.

00:00 Intro
00:42 What is God?
01:06 Relationship to God is personal
02:32 To do lists, productivity apps, and the illusion of control
05:14 Where God is found
05:31 The value of hishtadlut, putting in the effort
05:41 The value of bitachon, faith or trust
06:07 Sukkot as a statement of trust in God
07:29 How to make room for something larger than ourselves
07:42 God comes before the Dos and Don’ts
08:09 How to bring the 10 Commandments into your life

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