Iran-Israel War – Mini-Documentary Series

The History Channel HD and Yes are proud to present the new original production “The Iran-Israel War”, produced by yes, Alma Productions and Teled, in collaboration with Arta France. Directed by: Ilan Ziv Producer: Arik Bernstein.

“Iran-Israel War” is a unique and fascinating documentary, which examines in depth over three chapters, how the shadow war between Iran and Israel began about 40 years ago, what were the causes of its escalation and why its end is not yet in sight. In the 1960s and 1970s, Israeli-Iranian relations flourished. The Persian Shah, who watched the results of the Six-Day War and saw how Israel defeated seven Arab armies, understood the potential of its proximity to Israel and the United States, and its ability to advance economic and military projects in Iran. Islamic in 1979 devoured the dreams of both sides at once, turning the countries into bitter enemies. The Islamic Republic of Iran has set itself new goals: exporting the revolution to all Shiite communities in the region and controlling political Islam through a proxy throughout the region. Israel was perceived as a foreign plant in the area and as one that would be wiped off the map.

The mini-series brings for the first time the voices of those who took part in the revolution and the long-running war. For the first time in Israel, there are interviewees such as: Jaud Monsouri, who was the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Iranian exiles who held key positions in the regime, Muhammad Marandi, the adviser to Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Zarif during the nuclear agreement negotiations, Hezbollah deputy secretary Naim Qassam, along with interviews With senior US government officials and intelligence agencies, Mossad officials, Israeli prime ministers from Ehud Barak to Benjamin Netanyahu and American diplomats involved in Iran from the Shah to the present day.

The intensity of the Islamic Revolution and its implications for the entire Middle East. This blindness continued in Lebanon, where Israel, according to testimonies from IDF and intelligence decision-makers, did not understand the Iranian strategy and its goals, a strategy that began even before the Israeli invasion. Finally, the series reveals how all US attempts to negotiate with Iran over the years have been torpedoed, and will try to answer the question of whether war between the two countries is indeed inevitable.