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“Please do not uproot the planted,
Do not forget the hope
Bring me back and I shall return
to the good land”

It is spring outside, Passover is approaching, but our lips still struggle to say “Happy Holidays”.
We were looking for words of encouragement and comfort and we found them in the song “Al Kol Eleh”, Over All These, the words of encouragement that Naomi Shemer wrote to her widowed sister.

We were joined by the musicians of the IDF Orchestra conducted by Major Rom Shamir.
We hope the line “Bring me back and I shall return” is heard and that our hostages return soon.


Al Kol Eleh (For All These Things)
Music & Lyrics: Naomi Shemer
Arrangement: Izhak (“Ziko”) Graziani

The Israel Philharmonic & the IDF Orchestra
Conductor: Major Rom Shamir
Soloist: Uri Shani, Alisa Oleinikova, Eden Maymoni

Video: Dror Heller | Sound: Rafi Eshel, Yaron Aldema – Eshel Studio | Lightning: Ronen Najar