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What do Jews eat in the United States?
To answer this question, we set out on a journey of discovery across the US with Ori Laizerouvich, an Israeli actor and comedian.

In the first episode of the #Jewish_Foodie, Ori visits the Lower East Side in New York and tastes the popular foods that have become an integral part of American cuisine.

What is the connection between Chinese Restaurants and Jewish Food? 🍜✡️🥡
From a Hot-Dog Stand to a Food Chain, French Fries, Matzah Balls, Crunchy Egg Rolls, Dim-Sums, and Kosher Food- This episode is going to be TASTY.

How did Israeli food become a success story in New York? 🥙
Watch this amazing Israeli food restaurant- that has Italian cooking influences- in New York City.

Also- how do you turn an entire neighborhood in Brooklyn into a huge Jewish celebration?
In the third episode of #The_Jewish_Foodie, host Ori Laizerouvich continues his journey through the United States to get to know the Jewish community through foo

Where are the best Food and Bakeries in Memphis, Tennessee? 🍪🍪🍪
ever wondered what the Jewish food of the south looks like?
This cookies bakery won our hearts!
Matzo Balls, Elvis, and Jewish Cookies!

Watch the fourth episode of the #Jewish_Foodie, as Ori Laizerouvich continues his journey in Memphis, Tennessee, where he meets two Jewish women who managed to integrate Jewish foods into the local culture.

Did you ever try food and BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee? 🥩🍿
Watch our food journey with some great BBQ, whiskey, meat, and the Jewish Elvis!

In the fifth episode of the #Jewish_Foodie, Ori Laizerouvich continues his journey in Tennessee, where he comes across an amazing Jewish community — playing rock and roll, drinking whiskey, and tasting the brisket that left him speechless!

Is there such a thing as a Jewish cowboy? Believe it or not, there is! And how does he combine Israeli cuisine with Mex-Tex food? You’ll find out in the seventh episode of The #Jewish_Foodie, when Ori Laizerouvich arrives for an unforgettable experience in Austin, Texas, with Mexican flavors, rodeos, and all.

We discovered amazing Food and restaurants in Austin, Texas! You don’t want to miss this surprising #burger ! 🍔🍔 with the Jewish topping that everyone knows! 🍔🍔 And how is Jewish culture reflected in a tacos #breakfast deli in Austin? 🍔🍔 Watch the eighth episode of #The_Jewish_Foodie, as Israeli actor Ori Laizerouvich says goodbye to the south with the last taste of delicious Texan food!

How did the Jewish children in Jackson Hole react to Israeli candy? Watch the ninth episode of #TheJewish_Foodie, as Ori Laizerouvich continues his American journey and meets one of the most unique Jewish communities in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, of all places. But will he survive the local sport – skiing?

Join our Jewish food tour in Wyoming! 🍫 You would be surprised by the food we discovered! Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Challah in the sweet Jewish community in Wyoming. Also- How are Hanukkah Chocolate Gelt coins made here? How do you preserve the Jewish tradition among the children in a small ski town? Watch the tenth and final episode of #TheJewish_Foodie, a festive and exciting closing event with the Jewish community of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that Ori Laizerouvich will never forget, and neither will you.