After the death of Solomon, the Kingdom splits.

The southern part of Judah and Benjamin stay with Rehavam, the son of Solomon.

The northern 10 tribes, including most of the territory of Israel and people, go with Yeravam ben Nevat who mounts a rebellion against the Davidic dynasty.

He is originally supported by a prophet, as a punishment to the King’s excess in wives, etc.

However, the Temple stays in Jerusalem.

Yeravam in the north builds a giant wall in order to prevent his followers from going to Jerusalem, in order that he not be embarrassed that the King be given more honor than himself.

He takes this want of honor to such an extent that he converts his followers to idolatry, and has an incredibly selfish dream wherein he gives up unbelievably great honor simply because it is not the greatest honor.

There ensues a competition between the two divisions of North and South, even resulting in civil war. The Jewish people essentially split into two, and the Northern 10 tribes are eventually conquered by Assyrian armies.

Jeremiah restores many of the citizens of the north, and brings them into the southern territory of Judah.

Due to various sins, Jerusalem itself will come under danger, and eventually be conquered by the Babylonians and Nebuchadnezzar. Therein results the exile of the entire Jewish people, with 90% going to Babylonia and 10% (including Jeremiah) to Egypt.

It looks like the end to the Jewish story, but my friends, there is never really an end to the Jewish story…