The Jewish people mourn the death of their leader Moses. Moses’ successor- Joshua the son of Nun takes over, even though he is not a descendant of Moses. Joshua is the General of the army, as well as the religious, legislative, and judicial leader.

There are many Canaanite tribes that inhabit the country. Six remain and Joshua conducts a war in order to subdue them. They were offered peace, or to leave, or to make war. After 14 years- a Jewish state is established with Joshua at the head and the Elders leading as well.

While Joshua is alive, he rules with the spirit of Moses. After Joshua dies, the era of the Judges- localized tribal chieftans- begins. They battle the Canaanite tribes and Philistines who keep coming back. This struggle continues for a few hundred years.

One of the most famous Judges is Deborah- who together with Barak- fights the battle against Cisera. They win the battle and solidify Jewish control in the Galilee.

Samuel is the last of the Judges and is said to be of equal stature to Moses and Aaron. He only lived 52 years, but in his span of time he was a prophet, the Judge of Israel, and he united all the tribes.