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– Faced with the might of the Greek Empire, some Jews in the ancient world tried to become more Greek than a tub of yogurt. Others, such as the Hasmoneans, stood up for their Jewish values — no matter the cost. But just how far were the Maccabees prepared to go to ensure the continuation of the Jewish people and why do we remember them to this day?

The Jewish Story Explained is based on the book “Letters to Auntie Fori: 5,000 Years of Jewish History and their Faith” by Martin Gilbert

00:00 Intro
00:44 Alexander the Great
01:34 Antiochus III and Seleucid rule over Judea
02:00 Hellenism and Hellenist Jews
02:24 Jewish backlash
03:03 Antiochus IV and forced assimilation
03:32 Conflict between religious Jews and Hellenist Jews
03:53 Antiochus forces idolatry and outlaws Sabbath and circumcision
04:10 Cultural antisemitism and the defiance of Eliezer
05:02 Hannah and her seven sons
05:28 The revolt of Hasmonean Mattathias and his sons
06:06 The Maccabees and the story of Channukah
08:18 The Hasmonean Dynasty
09:03 The rift between the Hasmoneans and the Pharisees
09:36 Forced conversions to Judaism
09:52 Civil war: the Sadducees vs. the Pharisees
10:52 Lead up to Roman rule in Judea
12:53 Outro

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This series would not be possible without the generous support of Esther Gilbert and Michael Kagan

About Jewish Story Explained: Understand three thousand years of Jewish history in these short videos based on the book Letters to Auntie Fori: The 5,000-Year History of the Jewish People and Their Faith by the renowned historian Sir Martin Gilbert. Learn the Jewish story from the ancient Israelites of the Bible to Hellenization, the Jews of the Middle Ages to modern day, and more.

About Unpacked: We provide nuanced insights by unpacking all things Jewish. People are complex and complicated — yet we’re constantly being pushed to oversimplify our world. At Unpacked we know that being complex makes us more interesting. Because of this, we break the world down with nuance and insight to drive your curiosity and challenge your thinking.

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