This video has been a long time in the making. Our goal in producing this video is to help everyone learn and understand the 39 Melachos. Once we all truly understand what is/is not permitted, we can work together to appreciate the sanctity of Shabbos. When that happens, well, as the song goes, “And then Moshiach will come and set us free!” If you would like the sheet music (for any of the instruments) or a copy of the words to this song (all at no charge), please email

Here go the “Thank yous”

Thank you Hashem for giving us the ability to produce these videos!

Thank you to AHC Appliance for sponsoring the video. (Incidentally, all the appliances in the house were from AHC!) Wherever you live, call AHC for the best service, competitive pricing, and the most knowledgeable staff!

Thank you to That Jazz Show. This includes That Jazz Show, John Tendy, Claudia Chopek, and Joe Fusco. We loved how easy they were to work with, and we highly recommend reaching out to them at for all professional video shoots.

Thank you to the Yeshiva of South Shore. We shot so much footage in the Yeshiva, and every one of the kids in the video is from the Yeshiva. The idea of creating a song happened after I saw their Shabbos workbooks, and I urge anyone looking to get involved in Jewish education to make a donation to the Yeshiva.

Thank you to Avremi G. This was not an easy project. He really spends so much time on each arrangement – making sure each one of us can play our parts.

Thank you to Ian Freitor and Playmasters Studio. There’s a reason we do all recordings by Ian. He’s extremely professional and patient, and his work is always flawless!

Thank you to our Music teachers. Gal Gershovsky, Nachman Dryer, Ben Holmes, John Tendy, Avremi G, Peter Sparacino, Danny Flam, Scott Kulick, & Richard Grey. You guys really put so much work into us, and we truly appreciate it!

Thank you, Mommy. We know that Abba plays with us, but everyone knows you’re behind the scenes. Making sure we practice, letting us shoot videos on-site, and so much more. We love you!

Thank you to our fans! We really appreciate you! We’re having a contest soon to see who can sing along. If you’re interested, send us an email at