UK police say they detained a man suspected of shouting a stream of anti-Semitic insults at a Jewish man travelling down the Northern Line of the London tube with his children on Friday.

The suspect was reportedly picked up in Birmingham and is facing charges of a racially aggravated public order offense.

The incident was caught on tape by another passenger, filmmaker Chris Atkins, who filmed the man holding a Bible in his hands, uterring a slew of anti-Semitic slurs, saying that Jews killed Jesus and were slaves.
According to witness accounts, the Jewish man was not too distraught over the display, but his son grew very scared.
The verbal harasser eventually left the train, reportedly shouting that King James, the Scottish-English monarch who sponsored the Bible`s translation into English, was in fact black.

But before departing the passenger car, a Muslim woman named Asma Shuweikh confronted him, blastin him for his behavior despite his threats to physically assault other passengers.
Winning praise on social media for standing up for the Jewish family, she reportedly explained that as a mother of two, she found the incident relatable, and that she would took the same stand again if necessary.
The Jewish man also expressed his gratitude the Muslim heroine for her aid.