Song originally performed by Jordan Smith. Thank you Jordan for bringing such a meaningful song to the world!

I hope this song helps the world come to the realization that life is not so much about what`s going on out there in the world… it`s about the lens we see it through. If our mindset would be that no matter what ever happens or how different our views are, we won`t push away rather we`ll work it out together and be there for one another and accept and love everyone for who they are…then we`ll begin to experience a world that is actually peaceful and tranquil even during the worst of circumstances such as Covid-19.

Thank you to everyone that was involved in the weeks and weeks of hard work necessary to make- this project happen!! Everyone on the Kosher Vids team you guys are amazing and so dedicated!! Special thanks to Moey Meister, Shimmy Rosen and Tuli Feld for always being there when we need you and being so dedicated to the team!

Big shout out to our main actor Shimmy Rosen for being so patient shot after shot and doing a literally perfect job at conveying the emotions and message that we were trying to convey!
Thank you Naor Chen for doing such a teriffic job acting as the sick boy! Hashem should bless you that you should always be healthy!

Vocals by: Yosef Zidell & Zevy Giniger
Directed by: Akiva Balsam
Music Produced by: Hillel Kapnick (
Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey,NY)
Production Assistance: Baruch Naftel – Lazer Productions
Thank you Nochum Wolf for making this video financially possible!! Check him out at… (347)545-2155

Thank you to the Elin family from Waterbury for allowing us to use your house for shooting the sick boy scene.

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