This song “The power is you” was actually written at a time when I wasn`t feeling so powerful, In fact the opposite.
I had just left my job and had not yet started my next one, and all I was at the time was a stay-at-home mom.
All around me I saw friends and acquaintances building careers and doing great things with their lives. And I felt like my life was lacking meaning, I was just doing the same things a mother does every day.
But the more I thought about my job as a mom, the more I realized that it has great importance and takes great responsibility.
Right now I am building the next generation!
The love I give my children today, and what I choose to teach them, will mold them into the adults they will become tomorrow.
And together we`ll be able to change the world!
So don`t ever forget,
❤ Chaya

According to jewish tradition, men aren`t permitted to hear women sing (Who aren`t immediate family).
Being on the internet open to everyone, I kindly request your consideration for my religious practice.
I create my music “By women for women”.
Thank you!

I want to thank the incredible institution “Neve Yerushalayim,” who gave me the idea of making this music video and who`s event it was originally created for.

Lyrics: Miriam Farkash, DeScribe, Chaya Kogan
Composed by: Roby Fayer, DeScribe
Recorded at: Tenor Studios
Recorded and arranged by: Sruli Broncher
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Mixing and Mastering: Eli Klein


They say you are clever
They know you are strong
They believe you’re there forever
Think you’re never wrong
You carry them day and night
With endless love
You give up your dreams
When push comes to shove

And so many times you forget
Think “my job isn’t so great”
Yeah so many times you regret
With the woman inside you debate

The power is you
Your prayers and your tears
Will give them life inspiration for years
The power is you
Wife and mother
The strength you have
Yeah you make the world a better place

Is this my destiny?
Live life on repeat
Watch others move mountains
But I feel defeat
Trapped on the wings of time
Wishing just to stop the clock
The train keeps on rolling
I just want to stop!

Chorus:The power is you…

And there are times
when you just can’t breathe
Just can’t see
Past two feet
Like a slave inside your mind
Help me G-d I’m just to weak
But inside you
Just ain’t no quitter
Life is sweet
But sometimes bitter
And I’m a queen I’m a leader
With every single right to be a dreamer
Yes, I’m a dreamer too
And every wish it can all come true
Coz the power is you!!

Chorus: the power is you…

But then I see your smile
And your sweet voice I hear
The fears melt away
And the doubts disappear
Your wisdom and intuition
The greatest power of a woman’s