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Nothing in the world is as powerful than a mother’s love for her child. A connection so strong and special it can do miraculous things.
I came across a story concerning Edison and his mother, but further investigation lead me to believe that such a story never took place and so I adapted it accordingly.
The truth still remains that nothing can replace a mother’s love.
I’d like to dedicate this video to my mother who’s unconditional love and support has driven me to be the man I am today.

Meir Kay

Eli Andrusier

Enrique Alba

Paul Brasil

Lauren Fiala

Son (child):
Zev Wiesel

Son (grown up):
Meir Kay

Special Thanks:
Shmuly Shapiro
Reuven & Becky Levinson
Jj Duchman
Alyssa Wiesel
Chante Eliaszadeh

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