Two years ago, a brand new choir emerged into the simcha scene and started performing to the heimishe/chassidishe crowd. Their name, the Regesh Choir. Unlike a lot of choirs out there today, Regesh is a pure chassidishe musical choir.

Now Regesh Choir is ready to show the world at large what a simcha with Regesh looks like and more importantly, sounds like. In this video from a recent simcha, Regesh performs the song V’Omar Bayom Hahu, a classic from the talented composer R’ Benzion Shenker A”H.

Sit back and relax as the harmonious voices of Regesh Choir fill your speakers, and feel the warmth and “Regesh.”.

For inquiries or to book Regesh Choir today, please call: 845-883-8117

Filmed at: Wilchowitz Hall- Monsey, NY
Filmed by: Motty Engel
Editing by: On-Dot Studio
Keyboard:.Avrum David Lunger