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Abie Rotenberg is one of the world’s most beloved and prolific composers of Jewish-themed music. His career spans more than forty years, and in March of 2022 he released the fifth album in his Journeys album series. It is filled with though-provoking, and inspiring songs, performed by many of Jewish music’s most accomplished vocalists. The Ring was composed by Abie’s daughter Shiffy Ochs.

Based on a true story, it is a heart-warming tale of empathy, and true love. I hope you enjoy the visualization.
Yossi Zweig

Words & Music by: Shiffy Ochs
Featured on: Journeys Volume Five
Vocals by: Abie Rotenberg
Music Arranged by: Leib Yaakov Rigler
Lyric Video by: Yossi Zweig – Intelligent Noise LLC