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Dr. Henry Abramson (YouTube)
“Who Was Rabbi Moshe Cordovero? Israel: The Land and its People”

Dr. Henry Abramson (YouTube)
Who Was Rabbi Isaac Luria (the Arizal)?

Eliyahu Ashtor & Reuven Amitai
“Mamluks” (Jewish Encyclopedia)

Bernard Lewis
“Studies in the Ottoman Archives–I”
University of London

François Soyer
“King Manuel I and the expulsion of the Castilian Conversos and Muslims from Portugal in 1497: new perspectives”
University of Southampton

0:00 The Sephardic Refugee Crisis by Numbers
2:30 The Ottoman Conquest of Palestine
4:28 Safed
7:04 Moshe Cordovero
8:58 Yitzhak Luria
11:19 Whose Law Is It, Anyway?
12:43 The Shulchan Aruch
14:52 The Mapa
17:00 Conclusion