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The Yeshiva Boys Choir
Song Composed & Produced By Eli Gerstner (EG Productions)
English Lyrics By Yossi Toiv
Music Arranged & Programmed By Shai Barak
“Drop” Arranged & Programmed By DJ Nisso
Choir Conducted & Choreographed By Yossi Newman
Vocals Recorded @ EG Studios By Yossi Newman & Eli Gerstner
Music Mixed & Mastered By Eli Gerstner @ EG Studios

Video Directed By CJ Studios/ Yosef Shidler
Filmed by:
Mendel Mish
Carlton Carrington
Joris Reynaud
Yosef Shidler
Yehoshua Solomon
Video Editing: CJ Studios / Yegor Zadnipryanyy

Lighting By Yossi Newman Entertainment

Filmed At Toys 4 U in Boro Park/Brooklyn, NY
& EG Studios

טוב ה’ לכל, ורחמיו על כל מעשיו. תהלים קמ”ה
Hashem is good to all; His mercies are on all His creations.
Psalms 145:9

See the sun in the sky
A brand new start,
Hear the song in your soul
Feel its beat in your heart.
Thank Hashem for our sight
And the light that shines,
With His love… always
G-d is “good” in every way!!

Special thanks to:
All the amazing staff at Toys 4 U including the CEO Mr. Itzkowitz, Meilech Miller & Shaya Neiman, Annette & Faigy Turner, Nachum Modes, Yochanan Adler, Mr. Israel Neuman, Mr. & Mrs. Shmilu Einhorn.

© Copyright Eli Gerstner 2017. All Rights Reserved.
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