On this week’s History of Israel Explained, we dive back into Israel’s Yom Kippur War. After the war broke out on October 6, 1973, Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meir and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan quickly felt a noose tighten around their neck. Outnumbered and unprepared, Israel incurred unexpected, heavy losses in the first three days. The Egyptians pushed into the Sinai and Syrians conquered the Golan Heights, closing in on Israel’s population centers. Make no mistake. The possibility of Israel losing the war was becoming increasingly real by the hour. And losing the war would likely spell the end of Israel. So, how did Israel turn the tide, and stave off the greatest existential threat it had faced since its War of Independence? Let us know what you think of this week’s episode. Drop your reactions in the comments section below. Subscribe and check out more awesome UNPACKED videos! https://www.youtube.com/UNPACKED?sub_confirmation=1 GET SOCIAL @ UNPACKED

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