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Stephen Crowley gained the playful reputation on the Internet as the worst dad ever a few years ago when he posted Photoshopped images of his daughter, Hannah doing dangerous things. That photo set went viral, and were featured on Mashable.

But it turns out that Crowley embarked on the project after Hannah was hospitalized for six months after being diagnosed with HLH, a rare immune disorder that required her to have a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. Now, two years later, four-year-old Hannah is fully recovered – and now serving as her dad’s photo assistant for his latest shoot.

This time, the two are working with an infant and toddler care brand, alled Summer, to create a new series of images focusing on the kind of scenarios that you would never want to see in your baby monitor. From now until the end of 2019, Summer will match ten percent of sales of their latest baby monitor and donate it to Be the Match‘s bone marrow registry, a resource that Crowley recognizes as crucial to Hannah’s recovery. Nice!

Here are some of the new images:

World’s greatest (Photoshop) dad strikes again

World’s greatest (Photoshop) dad strikes again