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Motivation with style.

Harvey Specter’s best owns in suits.

Check out our Top 10 Harvey Specter Quotes That Will Motivate You:

– Let me give you the ABCs of me. I don’t take meetings, I set them; And my respect isn’t demanded, it’s earned.

– That’s only two things, what’s C?

– C is for people who show me they know A and B. Life, is this. I like this. Look, you were giving me shit this morning because I come and go when I want to, you know why I can do that? Because when I got here I dominated, they thought I worked 100 hours a day, now no matter what time I get in nobody questions my ability to get the job done. Get it through your head, first impressions last.

– How’s that detonation coming?

– Long fuse.

– Is that your way of telling me that it’s never going off?

– Well, if it doesn’t, you could always have James Bond take care of it for you.

– Harvey Specter, you don’t need to watch game film.

– Do you know who’s watched more game film than everybody?

– No, who?

– Michael Jordan.

– What, how do you know that?

– You don’t believe me, let’s call him.

– You have Michael Jordan’s phone number?

– Yep.

– If I hit this button right here I call Michael Jordan?

– It’s kinda how a phone works.

– I’m not gloating, I’m merely recognizing the fact that you completely changed your mind based entirely on what I said.

– Which is gloating.

– Potato potato, but as long as you’re going to think of it that way, I might as well point out that since you listened to my lecture, maybe you should start calling me professor.

– I’m gonna start calling your unemployed if you don’t figure out a way around using Gerard’s alibi.

– We have a decision to make.

– There is no decision, we need to cut a deal today.

– You know what? That’s the difference between us Allison, you wanna lose small, I wanna win big. I wanna win big.

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